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The new face of Milan

Datum: 2016-02-23

About the balance in men's fashion - the checked trousers and pants on huge dots stepped the next phase in the men's fashion thinking and trending. Clothed cashmere is ultra chick on coats and I have counted a dozen of them - one of which had trange straps hanging down from the shoulders, possibly in case of insanity caused by the fashion fiesta to use the coat as a straitjacket. Constructivist-deconstructivist fashion has a new renaissance as of the time of Diaghilev's ballet.

After the colorful fauvism explosion at Pitti Uomo Immagine, I bet on black - a black morning jacket and tailcoat, and a sealskin coat - and looked like a retired conductor or fatal melancholy, he abdicated king. And how was looking the most stylish persona during Milano Unica? Well, the handsome mulatto was dressed in an ultra slim double-breasted suit in mouse brown with very large lapels and again he was sublime ...

For some relaxation of the vanity, I went to the carnival in front of Duomo - numenly sky, Monet's impressionist paintings because of the confetti and garlands, a couple of snow white tame doves... I felt the greatest pleasure at the vintage stand, where I brought from dark wine red retrograde sunglasses with green lenses and gold inlaysand also a wonderful red wine pochette on green drops and a black bow tie with small green apples.

At the Vitale Barberis Canonico's stand, where Champaign flowed like from the cornu copiae, I had the pleasure to meet the Polish representative of the company - a cute copy of actor Jan Englert. We exchanged as a sign of mutual admiration pochettes and silver needles. I have almost given him a pair of Armani glasses, but it would be considered too much and I didn't want it, having in mind that I stay away from my career of porn and reality actor, lol...

For a hint of splendor at Milano Bergamo airport my silver handled walking stick was mistaken for a weapon, which caused some confusion. I was subsequently recognized as a magician, probably because since I haven't reached the bed, I appeared in a tailcoat at the airport... So, the last words, which I heard from the guard, when taking the flight, were 'Mr. Magic!'...

This reminded me of my memorable visit at the Sultan's Palace in Istanbul, where the safety gates rattled because of the whole silver in my pockets and during the last check, one nice gentleman, looking like the Gran Vizier, greeted me 'Masha, Effendi Charismatic!' Since then I am very desired by the Sublime Porte and the Vatican... lol