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About Us


Richmart is a modern production factory established 1999.

The factory is equipped with the latest technology in the sewing industry.

-Cutting department - CAD-CAM systems Lectra, 14 Lectra cutters, 4 Kanegiser fusing presses.

-  Sewing department - Durkopp, Pfaff, Brisay, Basler automats, Eton transport system

-Pressing department – four Brisay pressing lines

The factory produces for leading fashion labels from over 30 countries.

Richmart has developed an innovative Made to Measure and Made to Order business model in support of the fashion boutiques and shops.

Richmart is offering a wide variety of fabrics and accessories manufactured by elite Italian suppliers.

Garment lines: Men's; Women's; Children's

Product types: Suits; Jackets; Trousers; Vests; Coats; Skirts;

Fits: Classical, Slim, Modern fit

Styles: Ceremonial; Classic; Business; Casual

Contact us for collaboration or any support with order placement

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+359 882 387 843